Graham's Microtonal Software

These files are gone. Sorry. I have backups now but not with me.

MIDI Relay

Allows you to tune MIDI synthesisers by pitch bends. Minimum requirements are:

MIDI Relay 32-bit download(about 500 kB)

That's now an update as of the 11th March 1999. It fixes a problem with Scala files and a bug with showing the sliders that nobody else complained about.

If you're running Windows 3.1, you'll want the 16-bit download which still works in Windows 95, but without long filenames. It's about a 580kB download.

And, if you want the source code, I have source code, and much good it'll do you.

Once you've got the program, you may like a scale archive as well, and a program to connect to a sequencer.


Processes MIDI files and adds pitch bends to implement tunings. DOS executable and C++ source included. The source cleared as standard C++, although there are still some bits that gcc doesn't like. I'm working on this and will try and get a Linux version up sometime. Just a few bugs to sort out.

Midiconv download(about 90 Kb)


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