Music for Stretching

Here is some music created to accompany gentle exercise. Quick access to the MP3 files:

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The principles behind stretching music:

More on the individual pieces:

Music for Stretching 1
Improvisation with ZynAddSubFx using the Andromeda mapping on a standard keyboard. Accompanied by the Hydrogen drum machine. This is one take with no editing because I didn't understand the software at this point.
Music for Stretching 2
Another improvisation with ZynAddSubFX and Hydrogen. Magic temperament played on a Lumatone. You may be interested to know that I recorded this on New Year's Day, when I had access to my Lumatone.
Music for Stretching 3
Pianoteq demo with the "Bluethner" piano. All the piano pieces are in meantone temperament and recorded to MIDI, so that I can fix obvious mistakes and cut out the boring bit. Note: the Pianoteq demo has some black notes disabled in the bass, so it's safest to play diatonic music in C major.
Music for Stretching 4
The Pianoteq demo again, this time with the Grotrian piano. This is my favorite of the modern pianos. This one got a bit fast and agitated at times.
Music for Stretching 5
Another with Pianoteq. The instrument is an Erard from the Schloss Kremsegg historical collection. I think it works very well as a piano for stretching music. In fact, I think this piece in general works quite well and if you're only going to listen to one of them, try this.
Music for Stretching 6
At this point, I worked out how to use Ardour properly. I could do some post-recording editing on the improvisation. I used ZynAddSubFX with meantone temperament. My 8 year old son programmed the beats on Hydrogen, which has a somewhat eccentric result. It does work quite well for promoting gentle exercise, however, which may show that the criteria above are not quite right.
Music for Stretching 7
ZynAddSubFX and Hydrogen again. I used my new found Ardour knowledge to add a bass line to this. It uses a simple chord sequence that would be diatonic but for a tritone substitution.
Music for Stretching 8
I had my Lumatone at home for this one. ZynAddSubFX, Hydrogen, magic temperament. It uses a descending enharmonic chord progression following my own understanding of functional harmony.
Music for Stretching 9
Simple pentatonic improvisation on ZynAddSubFX without Hydrogen because I recorded this in more of a hurry than the others.
Music for Stretching 10
Pianoteq with Hydrogen. This uses the YC5 piano, which is quite boring but notable because it sounds like what you hear on pop records. The drums are based on a rhythm that came into my head, and uses 9 equal divisions. I managed to play along with it and even play more than one note at a time, with no harmonic logic.

I made the MP3 files at 140 kbps, which means the size in megabytes matches the duration in minutes. Hence, each file is around 10 Mb and the total is a little under 100 Mb. Put them all together and they will run for more than an hour. They are intended for discrete sessions of gentle exercise.